there is reason in the roasting of eggs

there is reason in the roasting of eggs
There is reason behind every action, however odd it may seem.

1659 J. HOWELL Proverbs (English) 12 Ther’s reason in rosting of Eggs.

1785 J. BOSWELL Journal of Tour of Hebrides 24 (note) Every man whatever is more or less a cook, in seasoning what he himself eats.—Your definition is good, said Mr. Burke, and I now see the full force of the common proverb, ‘There is reason in roasting of eggs’.

1867 TROLLOPE Last Chronicle of Barset II. lxxv. But there’s reason in the roasting of eggs, is not so plentiful..that your uncle can afford to throw it into the Barchester gutters.

1915 SOMERVILLE & ROSS In Mr. Knox’s Country ix. I seemed to myself merely an imbecile, sitting in heavy rain, staring at a stone wall. Half an hour, or more, passed. ‘I’m going out of this,’ I said to myself defiantly; ‘there’s reason in the roasting of eggs.’

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